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A different kind of shared living....

We have redefined shared living...

Space is the ultimate luxury, and our houses are very big. They have large communal areas, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Your next home has a gorgeous spacious bedroom with a lush new carpet and solid oak beautiful furniture.

We distain cramped tiny ensuite rooms with flat packed furniture like many shared houses, instead we give you luxury, space and a community.

The communal areas are beautifully decorated and spacious and cleaned weekly 

Our broadband is the fastest we can get (currently 500Mb) and delivered through and ultra modern Mesh system that supports the lasted 6th generation wifi protocols, so if you work or play from home you will never run out of bandwidth


We don't use agencies to find your housemates. Instead we hand pick every tenant so you know you will have people that have a lot in common with you.


See our available rooms near Reading University, Green Park,Roya...
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